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Preventing DNS leaks in VPNs

11 minute read

There are different ways to fix DNS leaks depending on your initial system configuration. A common situation, as occurs in Ubuntu 18.04, is when your system ...

Dealing with UTF-8 in Emacs

3 minute read

Emacs has facilities in place for changing the coding system for a variety of things, such as processes, buffers and files.

What is Slidify

1 minute read

Slidify helps create, customize and share, elegant, dynamic and interactive HTML5 slides.

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Yet another markdown quick reference guide

4 minute read

There are lots of markdown quick reference guides out there. I make this just for my personal utilization with annotations and includes some copy’n’paste fro...

What is No Switch Yard (NoSY) methodology

1 minute read

As you know, source control is a system for recording the history of file revisions allowing programmers to edit their code, safe in the knowledge that they ...

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Microsoft becomes R

2 minute read

Microsoft has entered in a new era that some of us have been waiting for years. Now Microsoft is more open and the proof is their approach to data science. A...

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