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If you think that you must turn off WiFi at night due to security reasons or looking for a healthy rest time, here is how to do that on Mikrotik RouterOS.

CRS125 MikroTik's popular router

To program a Mikrotik router for turning off and on WiFi you must use scripting and scheduling capabilities fo RouterOS.

The command you must run to turn off WiFi is:

interface wireless disable <interface-name>

So you have to wrote a very small script with just that command. Using WinBox:

  1. Open System -> Scripts window
  2. Press Add button and the script editor window will open
    • Type a script name like DisableWLAN
    • Select required policies or check all of them
    • Type script into the Source text area: interface wireless disable <interface-name>
    • You can to test the script with Run Script button
    • Save the script with Ok button

Now create a similar EnableWLAN script with the opposite command:

interface wireless enable <interface-name>

Next add the schedule scripts:

  1. Open System -> Scheduler window
  2. Press Add button to open the Scheduler window
    • Type some meaningful name for the scheduled task like CronDisableWLAN (can be the same as the script’s)
    • Type the name of your script, DisableWLAN, into the On Event text area
    • Select the start date (i.e today), start time (hh:mm:ss format, i.e. 23:00:00) and the interval for repeating the action like 1d 00:00:00
    • Select required policies or check them all
    • Save the schedule with Ok button

Repeat the same to schedule the enabling script (i.e. CronEnableWLAN starting at 09:00:00 with an interval of 1d 00:00:00)

Now your Mikrotik router will turn off and on at your desired times.

Good rest !