Slidify helps create, customize and share, elegant, dynamic and interactive HTML5 slides.

You can view slidify presentations with any web browser and share them easily on Github, Dropbox, or your own website.

There are many different ways to make R presentations and one of them is Slidify.

R presentations are presentations coded as Rmarkdown and then translated to HTML using the R programming language framework.

Rmarkdown is a markdown based R syntax that helps make documents in many different formats.

Slidify exist as an R package by Ramnath Vaidyanathan with a huge online community and popularity. This package has the most options and flexibility and is clearly aimed at the intermediate to advanced R community. It is an almagamation of other technologies including knitr, markdown, and several javascript libraries. It allows embedded code chunks and mathematical formulas.

Slidify uses whisker to render the final html by passing the parsed data to the layout file. Whisker is a Mustache implementation in R confirming to the Mustache specification. Mustache is a logicless templating language, meaning that no programming source code can be used in your templates.

There are tons of tutorials on slidify. In my case, I focused on the installation process as well as providing information and examples that helps reduce common mistakes that are made during your initial learning. As best example to learn I have written a Slidify tutorial that you can download and modify.

Enjoy it.