How to update to kernel 4.10 or whatever in Ubuntu 16.04

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The first question is whether it’s worth upgrading to this version of the kernel, and the answer is that unless there is something that you need from the new version, then not really.

But if you continue with the effort to do so, your life will remain happy because you could return to your earlier version if something fails.

To update the kernel follow these instructions

Short path

Check the latest or desired version in

Now, install it. For example, if your selected version is 4.10.0:

sudo apt-get install linux-image-4.10.0

And that’s it for the short version of these instructions.

Long path

For the long version, and more understandable, follow next steps instead.

Download the next packages according to your OS type (i386 for 32-bit, amd64 for 64-bit)


Install them

    sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Update grub

    sudo update-grub

Restart your computer after installation to apply changes.

    sudo reboot

You can easily switch back to the previous kernel by restart your machine and select boot with old kernel version (available in Advanced options). Then use Ubuntu-Tweak or follow this guide to remove Kernel 4.10.