Gregorio “Goyo” Ambrosio works as CTO of Málaga Digital Content Hub. He also is head of Promálaga Urbanlab, the innovation space of Malaga City Council acting as an urban laboratory for new urban technologies like smart city, internet of things, data science, etc. Gregorio received BCS and MSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Malaga and a Master in Business Administration from ESESA. He has over 25 years of professional experience in the ICT field in public administration. Over the past five years he has worked in the field of innovation involved in the most innovative projects of the city of Málaga mainly related to smart city, digital content industry, entrepreneurship and so on. He also has experience as a researcher at the University of Málaga and has a solid background in scientific computing. He’s a skilled developer in Matlab, C++ and Python. Gregorio also has experience as an entrepreneur, having led two business projects. One in the field of remote sensing and other in the field of computer forensics. Currently his areas of interest are data science, big data, machine learning, smart cities, internet of things, computer forensic, computational perception and innovation.